Families leaving Madison middle school graduation event fight, police respond, officials say


Police said after the event, 15-20 parents and children were involved in an altercation. The school’s resource officer intervened and called for backup.

In a letter to Sennett parents Tuesday, Principal Daniel Kigeya described the incident as “two families engaged in a verbal exchange” in the gym that continued as other families exited the school and made their way to the parking lot.

“This ceremony is a very special event for Sennett students and the Sennett community,” Kigeya wrote. “We want to celebrate these students and everything they’ve worked toward over the last three years. We do not want this unfortunate incident to overshadow what has been an incredibly positive, successful last school year for these students.”

No one was injured, DeSpain said.

No one was cited or arrested Tuesday but the school resource officer plans to review surveillance video, police said.