Charges against Michael Bonds a scandal with few rivals in Milwaukee education

Alan Borsuk:

In 2007, he ran for the Milwaukee School Board for the first time, seeking to represent a north side district that includes his home in Sherman Park. He won and quickly became a leader on the board.

Combine that with his marriage to a long-time high school principal and central office administrator in MPS, and the pieces were in place for a positive narrative involving one of the leading couples in Milwaukee education.

It never quite seemed that way. Kathy Bonds stayed out of the public eye intentionally, and whatever Michael Bonds wanted to convey about what he brought to his efforts, joy wasn’t it.

At times during his board tenure, Bonds challenged the administration with good questions and had independent-minded ideas for dealing with specific situations. He worked hard, which is a big reason other board members picked him to be president, a position that brings occasional influence but a bunch of extra chores.