The Coarsening Of America

Bob Lefsetz:

But today’s parents just want their kids to get a gig. That’s the job of college, but it shouldn’t be. Didn’t Steve Jobs testify as to the power of the liberal arts? He learned calligraphy at Reed, even if he did drop out, supposedly because he didn’t want to spend his parents’ money. But now the price of higher education has outstripped inflation and you can’t get a job at all without a degree and parents want value for their dollars and is that what education should be all about?


Somewhere along the line, the country took a wrong turn. I can say when, but half the country will flip out. That’s right, Ronald Reagan legitimized greed and sowed the seeds of income inequality. That’s what the pursuit of “freedom” will get you. Then again, it’s hard to learn the truth when states rewrite history. America is no longer in pursuit of the truth, but bias. Everybody’s working the refs, everybody’s got an agenda, and the end result is few know what is going on, including the media. The media is a business oftentimes run by those holier-than-thou. Let me get this straight, AOC got elected and then suddenly the whole country, or at least the Democratic Party, skewed left? As for the right, they don’t realize we already live under socialism. Now this same media is saying the country is moving to the center and if you listen you know…they’ve got no contact with the people making the decisions. I know, because my inbox is gonna explode as a result of this paragraph, unless you’re on the front lines you’re clueless, but no one wants to reside there, because the blowback is horrifying. Used to be you were rich and famous and insulated, but that no longer applies, especially in the land of entertainment, the haven of nincompoops, especially in music, because…

Everybody with a brain is out.

Now I’ll admit, when I went to school parents wanted their kids to be doctors and lawyers. But those professions pay a pittance compared to the banks and tech, and the truth is boomer doctors are giving up practice and I know more non-practicing attorneys than those writing contracts and going to court. You see these people woke up, just like the scions of today’s parents will…is this what I really want to do, do I want to waste my life in pursuit of cash?