German 270: Sovereignty and the Limits of Globalization and Technology

Russell Berman and Peter Thiel :

The current historical moment appears to be marked by opposition to globalization, which has emerged in many countries in the vanous forms of populism, restrictive trade policies, attacks on “neo-liberalism,” protest parties and localism. These positions are sometimes accompanied by appeals to national interests and cultural traditions. This new mood is viewed as a break with a previous paradigm of international institutions and “world citizenship.”

This seminar proceeds from this contemporary reassertion of state sovereignty against market processes and internationalist claims in order to inquire into the historical, theoretical and cultural roots of the problem. Has the process of globalization stalled? What are the implications for the state and its aspiration for sovereignty? And how does technology, which contributed so much to the process of globalization, fit into this picture, especially in the guise of new technologies? This seminar therefore explores the tensions between state and maricet, their cultural contexts, technological innovation, and the importance of community belonging.

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