Civics: Americans don’t trust their government, its institutions, or each other. This is not a good place to be: Madison – Graduation Rate vs Achievement

<a href=””>Mat Welch</a>:<blockquote> So let’s not talk about Kat, let’s talk about you. You who pivoted before I did to the whataboutism in the paragraph above. You who were already irritated at reading yet again about a non-Democrat being inconvenienced in public. You who are saying to yourself, “Fox News is toxic. It’s poisoning my dad’s brain. All collaborators are fair game to be shunned.”

Here’s the question for you: Do you think this ends well? Because it doesn’t.

As it happens, Timpf is one of very few Trump-skeptical libertarians working at 1211 Avenue of the Americas. When we were both on the libertarian-leaning “Kennedy” program on Fox Business recently, she said stuff like, “Oh, I’m personally not scared of the [immigrant] caravan. I think that Trump’s done an excellent job of making people scared.” Hound her from the building, and that’s one less non-#MAGA commentator on dad’s TV.</blockquote>  <A href=””>Seeing the Forest: Unpacking the Relationship Between Madison School District (WI) Graduation Rates and Student Achievement</a>