Civics: 2018 Campaign Digital advertising and data mining notes

Scott Bauert:

Baldwin’s digital ads got 40 million impressions, Spector said. On social media platforms there were 15 million impressions, he said.

Those ads were either 15-second versions of 30-second TV spots, or separate pieces made exclusively for digital platforms, Spector said. Some touted Baldwin’s work with the dairy industry and were targeted to dairy farmers, ads that Spector said led to Baldwin winning Trempealeau and Jackson counties while Evers lost there.

Other digital ads, aimed at voters who were likely to support legalizing marijuana, attacked Vukmir over her opposition to that. They also had ads targeting African-American voters in Milwaukee, which Spector said helped bolster turnout there.

As part of Baldwin’s get-out-the-vote effort the campaign ran a digital ad that got 8 million impressions hitting Vukmir over her allegiance to Trump.