San Antonio students challenging school dress codes

Krista Torralva:

Alexandria Evans was taking notes — learning to multiply and divide algebraic expressions — when a hall monitor she’d interacted with before first period walked into her classroom at Harlandale High School last month.

The staffer was there to remove Evans, 18 and a senior, from the college prep math class and take her to the vice principal’s office to change her shirt, which violated Harlandale Independent School District’s dress code.

Evans said a top button on her blouse was unfastened. She and other students at Harlandale are challenging the code, which they say places too much attention on girls’ sexuality and, as a result, prioritizes boys’ learning over theirs.

They’re not alone. Two groups of high school students in Edgewood ISD were recognized at a school board meeting Sept. 18 for organizing committees to meet with the superintendent and urge a dress code revision.