K-12 Tax & Spending Climate: Golden retirement — seven ex-Milwaukee County prosecutors gets $1 million-plus cash payouts

Daniel Bice:

Along with Martin and Shelton, the other three were former Deputy District Attorney Patrick Kenney and Gary Makhorn and David Robles, both ex-senior assistant district attorneys.

Records show Kenney got a backdrop of $1.34 million, Makhorn $1.09 million and Robles $811,000.

Three other former senior assistant district attorneys — Thomas Schulz, Donald Jackson and William Molitor — apparently benefited from the same provision in the 1989 statute. The trio each got backdrops of slightly more than $1 million but retired before the 2015 memo was drafted.

Coyne said he did not know how all of these individuals would have fared had they opted to join the state’s retirement system.

But one thing is clear: They hit the jackpot in Milwaukee County.