Harvard University is fighting to keep its secretive admissions process under wraps

Jillian Berman:

Harvard is embroiled in a lawsuit over its admissions practices.
What exactly does it take to be admitted to a top college? It’s a secret, according to Harvard.

The past couple of weeks have offered an unprecedented look into the way Harvard University evaluates applicants. The details came to light during a lawsuit alleging that the school has discriminated against Asian-Americans hoping for a spot at the school — a claim Harvard vehemently denies. Though the suit has certainly pulled back the curtain on the Harvard admissions process, many details still remain under wraps. Harvard is hoping to keep it that way.

As part of the suit, the school filed a brief late last week arguing that certain documents produced as part of the case — including internal training materials and preliminary snapshots of the school’s admitted class during specific periods of the application cycle — should remain under seal.