‘Student-led’ in-school events; who’s in charge around here?

George Korda:

The “student-led” event – in which faculty and staff are invited to participate – is planned for April 20 at Oak Ridge High School. Here is a portion of the news, sent by a student, about the event:

“Inspired by the strong young people that have been victimized by acts of gun violence in their own schools and now fight against it, ORHS students are organizing a rally against gun violence. This event will be held on April 20th, the nineteenth anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting, in solidarity with schools around the country that are also holding events on this day. This rally will include students discussing how gun violence has affected their lives: original student poetry readings, student art exhibits, student-led songs, and student speeches. Furthermore, there will be stations set up where students can register to vote and write letters to their elected officials.

“Although this event is primarily by and for the students of Oak Ridge High School, the organizers are working closely with the administration to ensure that this event is constructive, minimally disruptive, and inclusive to as many students, teachers, and staff as possible.”