A vanity gift? Complaints bubble after Abington agrees to rename high school for billionaire donor Schwarzman

Kathy Biccella:

When Wall Street billionaire Stephen Schwarzman announced he was donating $25 million to Abington Senior High School, he said in a release that investing in public education “yields one of the best returns imaginable – a new generation of creative, capable and collaborate future leaders…”

For the Blackstone CEO there was another, far more personal, return – his name on his alma mater, which the school board voted unanimously on Tuesday night to rename Abington Schwarzman High School.

Shortly after the board vote, the news exploded on a Facebook forum where residents vented over the move, calling it “insane,” “egotistical,” and “stupid.”

“The stadium is already named after him. That’s enough. Too much ego,” wrote one commenter.