A child left behind: SF student failed every class in high school

Jenna Lyons:

He flunked all his classes in eighth grade but was still advanced to high school, Rivers wrote.

As he entered Washington High, the student felt nervous going into classrooms where he didn’t know anyone and “had no knowledge of what to do and where to go,” Rivers wrote. “This caused him to get in with the wrong crowd, which started distracting him from his studies.”

As a freshman, the boy told his high school counselor that he couldn’t focus in class and felt lost, but Rivers said the adviser was indifferent.

“The counselor (Asian) was aggressive in how she spoke with client 1 (Latino), making him uncomfortable,” Rivers wrote. “Leaving with the feeling of not being understood, respected, and discriminated against, client 1 did not seek her assistance again, nor did she seek him out.”