Welcome to the 2018 OSEP Symposia Series: IEP

OSEP Ideas that Work:

Welcome to the 2018 OSEP Symposia Series. This year, we are discussing the importance of individualized education programs (IEPs) and the important role that high-quality IEPs play in ensuring that each child with a disability can be successful. The three symposia are interconnected. First, we will lay the policy and research foundation to establish a common understanding and set of principles. Then, we will explore what high-quality IEPs mean in practice. Specifically, we will delve into what teachers and leaders need to develop and implement high-quality IEPs, and how we can support these needs. Finally, we will learn about how education agencies, families, and other stakeholders are working together to develop and implement high-quality IEPs.

The first symposium, scheduled for April 9, 2018, is titled High Expectations and Appropriate Supports: The Importance of IEPs. During this presentation you will hear from experts, including current OSEP grantees, on what we know about: