Civics: Sandvine, the first-Canadian, then-US company enabling Turkey, Syria, and Egypt to poison innocent users’ web traffic with spyware, threatened @Citizenlab to stop the report.


We have reviewed carefully your letter dated March 7, 2018.

The pending Citizen Lab report concerning the use of Sandvine’s PacketLogic Devices (“Report”) is a peer-reviewed, comprehensive research paper on a serious issue of significant public interest.

As is its standard protocol, Citizen Lab has engaged in best practices in conducting the research underlying the Report and in providing Sandvine with ample time and information to respond to the core findings of Citizen Lab’s research.

Specifically, before finalizing the Report, by letter dated February 12, 2018 Citizen Lab provided Sandvine with a detailed synopsis of the research findings, including core technical findings, and sought Sandvine’s comment or statement in response. Citizen Lab posed specific questions to Sandvine and committed to publishing, in full, any statement or clarification that Sandvine wished to provide. Citizen Lab remains committed to this position, and intends to publish the exchange of communication with Sandvine along-side the final report, including this letter.