A new way to do high school? Tulsa Public Schools program to explore options

Samuel, Hardiman:

Tulsa Public Schools plans to begin pilot programs for what a reimagined high school experience would look like, starting with two schools in the 2019-20 school year.

Implementing and scaling the test programs is the goal of what will be the district’s early steps in the process of improving how students prepare for the 21st century economy.

The pilots could include a high degree of personalized, self-paced learning and a fundamental shift in how teachers offer instruction, TPS officials said.

The pilots will be designed through a community-wide process over the next 20 or so months, the officials said. Where they would be or what they would entail isn’t yet clear.

TPS has hired a national consultant, 2Revolutions LLC, to gather community feedback on what reimagined high school should look like, but the district stressed that it will develop its own model.


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