Commentary on Madison Property Tax Growth

Dean Mosiman:

In Madison, for example, the total tax bill for a $200,000 home in the Madison School District assessed at 100 percent of its fair market value was $4,632, fourth highest in the county. The highest was $4,988 for a Madison home in the Verona School District, followed by $4,850 for a Madison home in the Monona Grove School District and $4,685 for a Fitchburg home in the Verona School District.

The lowest for a home of the same profile was $2,649 in the town of Bristol in the Columbus School District.

Tax bills began arriving in mailboxes in mid-December. The deadline for owners to pay at least the first installment of their property taxes is Jan. 31.

The initial deadline is the same in Madison, but the city has switched from two to four installments, with the second installment due March 31, the third May 31 and the final on July 31, the latter date the same as other municipalities in the county.

Madison spends far more than most, now nearly $20,000 per student.