Madison Schools’ English Language Learner Monitoring Snapshot 2015-16

Madison School District Administration (PDF):

As part of MMSD’s Evaluation and Review Cycle, major plans in the district have an anual monitoring snapshot of simple and consistent quantitative data. This snapshot shows key characteristics of students in the group indicated above, as well as progress on Strategic Framework Milestones and indicators from the School Targeted Asistance Tol (STAT) system used to monitor schools during the year.

Madison School District Administration (PDF)

Some themes from the English Language Learner Annual Monitoring Review are:

The percentage of ELLs enrolled in the district increased in the past two years by 1% from 26% to 27%.

Spanish and Hmong continue to be the two top languages in the district.

There was an increase in the number of students reclassified to ELP level 6.

When the ACCESS test moved from paper-and-pencil to an online format, new cut scores were implemented. Therefore, we have a new baseline of data.

The demographic breakdowns for the ELL Student Demographic stayed uniform for the last two years. There is an increase of 1% in the students who qualify for special education services.

Participation in World Languages courses increased by 3% from 43% to 46%.

Out of school suspensions increased from 137 incidents to 180.

Chronic absenteeism decreased slightly from 17% to 16%.

Madison Schools’ Dual Language Learner Data Snapshot (PDF).