A High Schooler’s View On The Education System

Zach Cmiel

After reading Nathan Bashaw and Hank Green’s articles on the school system, I was inspired to write my own version. (Nathan’s and Hank’s)

I’m a junior in high school and I love entrepreneurship and business. I’ve made 14+ apps on the iOS App Store and have explored design and marketing through an e-commerce t-shirt shop and music discovery newsletter.
I agree with many of the points that both Nathan and Hank stated. Nathan brought up many notable points such as that the internet will continue to push the boundaries in education and push progress forward.

He goes on to say that his version of the education system would be very much curiosity based where students are encouraged to ask questions in which they must find the answers. No courses. No curriculm. It’s a very student led process with guidance by a mentor.

Madison administrators ave attempted a number of redesign schemes on our $18k / student k-12 system. One size fits all (English 10) and small learning communities are just two examples.