Madison Teachers, Inc. Budget Reductions

Solidarity Newsletter, via a kind Jeanie Kamholtz email (PDF):

On March 7, MTI Executive Director Doug Keillor and MTI Office Manager Yvonne Knoche presented the recommended 2016-17 MTI Budget to MTI’s Finance Committee. The Committee unanimously approved the recommendation. In acknowledgment of the financial uncertainties ahead, the Budget recommends a 20% reduction in MTI expenditures for the 2016-17 school year, achieved primarily via staff salary and benefit savings. The Budget also recommends no dues increases, and the compression of teacher unit dues from twenty (20) levels to only four (4).

Pursuant to MTI Bylaws, the Budget will next be presented at the March 15 MTI Faculty Representative Council meeting. The meeting will commence at 4:15 p.m., at the Madison Labor Temple (Room 201B). All MTI members, from all bargaining units, are welcome to attend. In addition to an explanation of the Budget, we will also discuss the upcoming MTI membership campaign, as we transition from payroll deduction of Union dues to “direct dues” payment via electronic funds transfer.

Following the presentation at the Faculty Representative Council meeting, the Bylaws require that the Budget next be presented for approval at a meeting of MTI’s Joint Fiscal Group (JFG). The JFG is comprised of representatives of all five MTI bargaining units. That meeting will take place at the April 19 Faculty Representative Council meeting.

7 March 2016 Issue (PDF):

When the Collective Bargaining Agreements expire on June 30, 2016, additional Act 10 prohibitions will apply to MTI, including the elimination of fair-share payments and the prohibition of payroll deduction for Union dues. To prepare for these changes, MTI will be engaging in a membership campaign this spring to transition from “payroll deduction” of Union dues to “direct dues” payment (i.e., payment via electronic funds transfer/automatic bank draft).

MTI has contracted with a vendor to develop a “direct-dues” platform (webpage) that will allow Union members to simply log-on to a website and enter their checking/savings account information to have their monthly union dues deducted automatically from their account (rather than deducted from their paycheck). MTI is also working on establishing the MTI budget for 2016- 17, including the dues amounts. After the draft budget is approved by the MTI Finance Committee, an overview of the budget will be shared at the March 15 MTI Faculty Representative Council meeting. MTI members from all units are welcome to attend this meeting to learn more about the budget and the membership campaign.

Once the “direct-dues” platform is operational and the MTI budget is established we will commence a membership campaign to convert MTI members from payroll deduction to direct dues payments. Those who complete this process and continue their membership will continue to benefit from MTI representation and assistance. Those who elect to discontinue their membership will no longer receive MTI representation or assistance.

29 February 2016 Issue (PDF).