Candidate Clinton Calls For Mandated Autism Insurance (Obamacare Exchange Vendors Are Exempt!)

Alex Leary:

The Senate plan, championed by Democrat Steve Geller, mandated insurers cover autism. But insurers in the state’s exchange under Obamacare are exempt. Clinton’s campaign said more than 30 states require the coverage under exchanges. “Clinton’s plan calls on Florida to make this coverage a requirement for all plans offered in their state-run health insurance exchange,” according to the campaign.

Her proposal also calls for:

– A nationwide early screening outreach campaign to ensure that all children, and in particular children from underserved backgrounds, can get screened for autism.

– An “Autism Works Initiative” to extend new resources and establish public-private partnerships that will ensure a post-graduation transition plan for every student with autism aging out of school-based services.

– Enacts the “Keeping All Students Safe Act” to protect children from abusive practices in their school by banning bans the use of mechanical and chemical restraints, and physical restraints that restrict breathing; and other reforms to protect children with autism from abusive treatment in the schools.