Wisconsin Schools’ Superintendent Rhetoric

Molly Beck:

“I know our entire party is not happy with a public school system that can’t even get 37 percent of the students proficient in reading.”

According to DPI data, 36.6 percent of the state’s students were considered proficient in reading in the 2013-14 school year, the latest data set available.

DPI spokesman John Johnson said Evers was not available Monday for an interview. Johnson called the proposal “divisive.”

“It’s just unfortunate that there’s a single legislator that wants to re-politicize a battle around public education,” Johnson said. “It’s just a divisive distraction. It seems odd to put politics in front of kids.”

When asked if Johnson believes proposals made by Evers that have been unsuccessful, such as the funding formula change, might have a better shot at being implemented if the state schools chief were appointed, Johnson said no.

Much more on the Wisconsin DPI, home of the oft criticized WKCE.