Proposed changes to Madison’s Teacher recruitment, screening and selection

Deirdre Hargrove-Krieghoff (PDF):

In continuing the work of developing a thriving workforce, we are in the process of redesigning our recruiting, screening and selection activities to support finding high quality, diverse candidates as early as possible and support improved hiring decisions at the school level.

The current board employment policy (#8005) covers employment and hiring of all employees and is very detailed. The redesigned teacher hiring process will include an approach that is competency-based, ensuring that principals will be provided a set of more qualified teacher candidates that better match the needs of their individual school.

We would like to move forward with implementation of all design activities and are recommending that the Board of Education waive the provisions of Board Policy 8005 (Employment) as applied to the application, screening, interviewing and hiring processes for principals and assistant principals, teachers and other professional staff for the 2015-2016 school year.

The following provides the recommended approach, which will be finalized in mid-February, we will take with the recruiting, screening and selection of said candidates:

Competencies Measured in Madison Teacher Screening Process. This looks like a noble list.