Capsela, the game that changed my life

Jose Romaniello:

The game is about connecting capsules to create various kinds of “models”. Each capsule has a different mechanical or electrical purpose. Those models are mostly vehicles for both water and land, although it is possible to build cranes, robots, water pumps and even a cleaner dust vacuum. While the game manual comes with a vast collection of photos with models you can create, much more interesting is to let your imagination flow and build things in your head, a “crawler crane vacuum”? sounds interesting.

Every model starts from a fundamental capsule that contains the motor and two terminals that you need to “connect” to the batteries (which in turn is placed inside another capsule) or a switch using the power wires.

Mechanical capsules with gears inside are beautiful, these are real common components that exist in the mechanical industry. The explanations that comes in the manual are beautiful as well: