University of Maine at Presque Isle drops grades for proficiencies across its curriculums

Paul Fain:

The University of Maine at Presque Isle is moving beyond grades by basing all of its academic programs on “proficiencies” that students must master to earn a degree.
University officials announced the planned move to proficiency-based curriculums on Thursday. While many details have yet to be hashed out, the broad shift by the public institution is sure to raise eyebrows.
“We are transforming the entire university,” said Linda Schott, Presque Isle’s president. “In the next four years, for sure, all of our programs will be proficiency-based.”
That means students will progress through in-person, online and hybrid degree programs by demonstrating that they are proficient in required concepts, which faculty members will work to develop. Schott said the university will start by converting general education requirements, and then move to majors.