‘It’s a personnel matter’: What’s next for controversial Madison school employees?

MD Kittle, via a kind reader:

“I can tell you that in general we do have guidelines that we expect employees to follow regarding appropriate conduct on social media, when they are representing or associated with the district. In any case when those guidelines are not followed, we follow up and take appropriate action.”
The spokeswoman did not return two follow-up emails from Wisconsin Reporter asking what “appropriate action” would be in a case like this.
As Right Wisconsin points out, the district’s Standards of Conduct for Internet and school email usage prohibit staff from using “any form of obscene, harassing, racist, sexist or abusive language or behavior on-line.”
Violations of the procedures or rules result in “appropriate disciplinary action up to and including discharge,” the conduct policy states. The policy, however, refers to usage of the district’s integrated technology network, and there is no evidence to suggest the comments were made on the district’s system.
Hosking appears to have commented on a photo Walker posted of his two sons and two nieces, who were with the governor at his State of the State address last week.