Why doesn’t Darren think he will ever leave the estate?

Tabularusa Education:

Today is one of the worst days of the school year. They call it ‘Future Thinking’ day, I call it a complete nightmare. The whole school is off timetable and kids are directed to a series of ‘workshops’ or talks that aim to get kids to start thinking about life beyond school. It’s a great idea in principle, but unsurprisingly disastrous in practice. It goes a bit like this:
Period 1: Take tutor group to a talk from the Head in the assembly hall. Listen to him talk about the importance of getting a C. Die a little inside.
Period 2: Take tutor group to a ‘team work’ workshop, where they will carry out the types of trust exercises you might encounter on an episode of The Apprentice. Chaos ensues almost immediately and the facilitator (a poor unsuspecting woman from the real world) appears to regret ever agreeing to the gig.
Period 3: Off we go again! This time to a CV writing workshop run by the Head of PSE. Sit at the back and try not to get annoyed as name-calling, rudeness and idleness go unpunished.