Going to college not all its cracked up to be

Gabriella Hoffman:

A new study from McKinsey & Company reveals that 45 percent of four-year college graduates now work jobs that don’t require college degrees.
The study also revealed that one-third of college students believe their four-year education insufficiently prepared them for lives as adults.
If you read Campus Reform on a regular basis these findings should come as no surprise to you.
For the past several years, administrators and faculty at many institutions have abandoned the true purpose of college ­- equipping students with a true education. They have instead focused scarce resources on teaching the doctrines of tolerance, inclusion, and a host of other liberal false idols.
For example, students may now study for four years to receive degrees in subjects such as gender equality, labor studies, and medical marijuana growing.
Leftist faculty are using more traditional degrees as vessels for their leftist ideologies.