What is Technical Intelligence (TQ)? And, why is it part of our mission at VividCortex?

Kyle Redinger:

What is technical intelligence? Technical intelligence involves the accurate appraisal and expression of the ability to interact with machines in a way that enhances living. But how do we get there, why is it important for our world, and what is the relation to our company?
A Brief on IQ
Undoubtedly, we have a world that is familiar with the idea of IQ. In it’s raw form, IQ stands for intelligence quotient, and is based upon a test invented by famous psychologist William Stern. Stern, and many subsequent psychologists, refined this test in the hopes that it would become the standard to measure someone’s intelligence. They also hoped that IQ could predict things like personal, financial, and professional success.
IQ is unique from other forms of testing because it is considered ‘innate’ i.e. a high genetically driven IQ predisposes us to be more successful. The problem with this sort of thinking is doesn’t reflect the reality of our world, mainly, that there are many other drivers besides pure intelligence that enhance our ability to achieve things. IQ, not surprisingly, isn’t a very good predictor of success in school or life. For instance: