Do NJ Kids Do Better in Private Special Education Schools?

Laura Waters:

A report commissioned by ASAH, the NJ consortium of private special education schools found that students in these out-of-district placements have better outcomes than students placed within public districts in more inclusive settings.
Today’s NJ Spotlight interviews the researcher who compiled and interpreted the data, Professor Deborah Carran of Johns Hopkins University.

“The most amazing thing I found is that the number and proportion of these kids that are going into post-secondary education,” said Carran in an interview. “They are going into junior colleges and four-year colleges. And they are employed and engaged.
“They are doing stuff and not just sitting at home waiting for their parents to take care of them,” she said.

“Ouch,” say parents of kids with disabilities stuck in in-district placements. ” Our kids are not going to be doing stuff! Better sue our districts to pay tuition to private schools.”