Madison School Board election starting to take shape

Matthew DeFour:

The upcoming Madison School Board election is drawing plenty of interest from potential candidates, including at least two who say they definitely will run for an open seat.
Dean Loumos, executive director of low-income housing provider Housing Initiatives, and Ananda Mirilli, restorative justice program coordinator at YWCA Madison, both told me they plan to run no matter who else jumps in the race.
Several others, including state Rep. Kelda Roys, Edgewood College history professor T.J. Mertz, Democratic legislative aide Greg Packnett and attorney Jeff Spitzer-Resnick all told me they are considering a run.
Interest in the School Board election has grown since Beth Moss announced she would not seek a third term. Some are waiting until Maya Cole makes a decision about a third term before committing one way or the other.

3 thoughts on “Madison School Board election starting to take shape”

  1. Political Office in Wisconsin is often purchased at a high price,a recent Madison School Board successful candidate spent over $100,000. We really need to take a look at this interpretation of free speech in our political campaigns.

  2. I certainly agree with Rowe’s observation on the cost of this last election for MMSD school board.
    Given that the remuneration for being a member is $4000/year (the last I heard), and the workload substantial, the seeming lack of progress in improving educational outcomes generally (not just in public schools), the attacks on teachers and the public schools generally, and the relative lack of power and influence the Board has in how schools work (probably because there have been no real answers for these problems that have shown to have worked), why anyone would want to be a Board member and further to pay $30,000 to $100,000 out of their own pockets to win the election is quite beyond my comprehension.

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