The Sonnets by William Shakespeare App

Touch Press:

The Sonnets presents William Shakespeare’s immortal collection of love poems in an interactive digital edition that allows you to explore, appreciate and understand this great work of literature as never before. All 154 sonnets are performed to camera by a star-studded cast including Sir Patrick Stewart (Star Trek, X-Men, Royal Shakespeare Company), David Tennant (Dr Who, Hamlet), Kim Cattrall (Sex and the City), Fiona Shaw (The Waste Land, Harry Potter), Stephen Fry (The Hobbit) and Dominic West (The Wire). These performances – all specially filmed for the app – are synchronised to the text, which highlights line by line as each sonnet is spoken.

Touch Press does beautiful work.

One thought on “The Sonnets by William Shakespeare App”

  1. Touch Press is the publisher of Xe, the book and app of the elements. They have other quite incredible apps: Solar System, Dinosaurs, X-Ray, World Altas. The most impressive is the anatomical drawings of Da Vinci — shocking in its perfection.

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