Ending Tenure Could Alter Education Landscape in California

Stephen Frank:

What is the lawsuit filed by students against LAUSD and its policy to fire based on seniority, not quality is won?
“According to Troy Senik in the Los Angeles Times,
… teachers in California — even terrible ones — are virtually never fired. A tiny 0.03% of California teachers are dismissed after three or more years on the job. In the last decade, the L.A. Unified School District, home to 33,000 teachers, has fired only four. Even when teachers are fired, it’s seldom because of their classroom performance: A 2009 expose by this newspaper found that only 20% of successful dismissals in the state had anything to do with teaching ability. Most involved teachers behaving either obscenely or criminally.”
In LAUSD it will cost up to a million dollars to fire a teacher charged with being a pervert. Dozens of teacher for years sit in a “rubber room” at district HQ reading newspapers, playing computer games and getting full pay and benefits.