Dedication to educational opportunity is Marty Stein’s legacy

Alan Borsuk:

There is a parable about a rich man who was asked how much money he had. He answered with a large amount. But, the questioner said, you have more than that.
The rich man said the amount was how much he had given away to others. That money never will be taken away from him, he said. It was his real wealth. Everything else he had he could lose in an instant. He didn’t count money as his until he donated it.
It’s been six years since Marty Stein died, and I’m sitting in a Boys & Girls Club meeting room with nine students who are part of the Stein Scholars program that the club has been running for five years. Two of them graduated from Marquette University a week ago. The seven others are graduating from high school this spring and heading to college. There are more than 100 others in the program who have completed high school and gone on to higher education.
They are an important part of Marty Stein’s real wealth.