High-stakes tests can be educational barrier

Bill Tomison:

High-stakes testing — forcing Rhode Island students to pass particular, certain tests to get a diploma — like the NECAP test, is going to have a devastating impact on every student in Rhode Island, according to a group of local organizations led by the ACLU.
Some local students also echoed the protest at a news conference Thursday morning.
The use of high-stakes testing is scheduled to be put into effect in 2014, under legislation proposed by Rhode Island Rep. Eileen Naughton and state Sen. Harold Metts. State assessments would be used to ultimately determine if students are eligible for graduation at the end of the school year.
“There is no data and no evidence anywhere that suggests that putting this test in place is going to stop the travesty of our young people not having the skills they need,” Ex. Dir. of Young Voices Karen Feldman said.