Wisconsin’s “F” on Science Curriculum Standards; “Worthless”; Madison Superintendent Dan Nerad Comments

Fordham Institute: The State of State Science Standards 2012:

Wisconsin’s science standards–unchanged since 1998, in spite of much earlier criticism, ours included–are simply worthless. No real content exists to evaluate.
In lieu of content, the “authors” have passed the buck by merely citing unelaborated references to the now outdated National Science Education Standards (NSES). Rather than using the NSES as building blocks for a comprehensive set of science standards, however, Wisconsin has used them as an escape hatch to avoid hard work and careful thought


Madison Schools Superintendent Dan Nerad says the state already has plans to review its standards in all areas.
“I think we have to be cautious not to look at the current state because it is very much in flux right now,” Nerad says. “Things are going to change. it doesn’t makes sense to look backwards as it does to look forward.”

Remarkable. Much more at www.wisconsin2.org.

2 thoughts on “Wisconsin’s “F” on Science Curriculum Standards; “Worthless”; Madison Superintendent Dan Nerad Comments”

  1. Please. Somebody explain to me how some written document, contentless from my perspective, and certainly processless (where are the details for implementation) at the state level affect curriculum delivery at the school level?
    I see no reason to have any standards document at the state level. I’ve read portions of many of these standards, and they are almost identical in wording for each grade and key terms are not defined. Everything is very fuzzy.
    Fordham Institute is simply a political hack institute that gets money from god-know-where to issue useless statements based on useless documents that are easily obtainable because they are published.
    The only documents that might matter are the specific curriculum documents and resources available to individual teachers that are used to guide the teacher in the classroom. Nothing else matters.
    Of course, reviewing those documents for each school district in each state would require real effort by those like Fordham. They aren’t about to do any actual work — it would cut into their coffee-breaks.

  2. The Forham Institute is a conservative think tank organization which focuses on education. It is not associated with Fordham University. According to their facebook page, they promote school choice.

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