The Power of Education Data

Anne Hyslop:

If policymakers (see Brown, Jerry) still aren’t convinced that education data matters, two reports released this week demonstrate that high quality, actionable information about schools and students is vital in efforts to improve education and student outcomes.
Bill summarized the important work of the Data Quality Campaign yesterday. More states than ever are collecting the information educators and policymakers need to make informed decisions about what’s working and what isn’t in schools. But just because the data can be collected, it doesn’t mean that states’ work is complete. Data for Action 2011 identifies four challenges – turf, trust, technical issues, and time – that continue to hinder states’ efforts to utilize the full potential of their data (shameless plug: you should read my report, Data That Matters, for another set of 4 Ts that all states should follow to make their data user-friendly and actionable for school leaders).