The Seattle Times continues to lower their Standards

Melissa Westbrook:

Update: a reader asked about who pays for these audits and I mistakenly said the SAO. It turns out that the Legislature had passed a law for a hotline but had not funded it. For the first year, the SAO ate the cost for hotline investigations but could not sustain that cost. So if the State Auditor chooses to go forward with hotline requests (and I’m sure they don’t follow-thru with all of them), it costs the district $83.60 per hour. (I just removed that “number of hours” as that is for the NEXT audit, not this special one.)
On the one hand you could say, “Well, look at that money and the SAO found nothing illegal.” On the other hand, you can look at this sad and sorry mess of a process and say that it sure doesn’t look good or smell good. I’ll have more to report on this after I read the SAO work product documents which I believe will make compelling reading.
End of update
A new low for reporting is the Times’ article about the MLK, Jr. building sale.