Abolish the U.S. Department of Education? Seriously?

Jennifer Wheary:

We all owe Stella Lohmann of Atlanta, Georgia thanks.  Ms. Lohmann is the substitute teacher who via video asked GOP candidates in last night’s debate:

What as president would you seriously do about what I consider a massive overreach of big government into the classroom?

Prior to asking the question, Ms. Lohmann offered some important context to show her credibility:

I’ve taught in both public and private schools, and now as a substitute teacher I see administrators more focused on satisfying federal mandates, retaining funding, trying not to get sued, while the teachers are jumping through hoops trying to serve up a one-size-fits-all education for their students. 

Next time I visit Georgia, I would not mind shaking Ms. Lohmann’s hand for posing such an interesting and illuminating, albeit extremely loaded, question.

Then I would ask whether she happens to be the same blogger and communications consultant found at stellalohmann.com wearing a “Freedom Czar” baseball hat. And how Fox happened to find her?