Christie calls for unity in reforming education for sake of kids’ futures

Rod Boshart:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie told an Iowa education summit Monday that Americans need to set aside political differences that divide them and unite behind reforms that will provide the educational excellence that children need to pursue their dreams in a competitive global economy.
However, Christie did not duck controversy either by calling for an overhaul of the current tenure system for teachers, saying children should not be the victims of a failing system that does not reward excellence or enforce consequences for failure.
“You have to draw some lines in the sand, but you also have to leave some room for compromise,” he told reporters after delivering a half-hour address to about 1,700 participants in a summit called by Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad to brainstorm on ways to rekindle the state’s once-proud tradition of educational excellence that U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan said was “at the top of the mountain” in 1992.