NEA Spent More Than $19.5 Million on State Politics in 2010-11

Mike Antonucci:

If you were following the NEA news last week, you already know that the delegates approved a $10 per member increase to the national union’s Ballot Measure/Legislative Crises Fund. What you might not know is NEA just about exhausted that fund in 2010-11.
The BM/LC Fund distributes funds to NEA state affiliates to supplement their own issue spending on ballot initiatives and bills working their way through various state legislatures. NEA longer reveals which states received what amounts, but so many states received funding it hardly matters.
NEA took in about $13.3 million in dues money for the fund in 2010-11, and retained a carryover of more than $8 million from 2009-10, for a total of $21.3 million. However, the union spent or promised that entire amount, and then some, in response to the myriad of collective bargaining laws that were introduced.

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