Top 10 Questions/Comments Made By My Third Graders During Their First Ever Set of ELA and Math State Exams

Miss Brave:

(aka “Why Teaching In a Testing Grade May Cause Premature Aging,” or “Why I Have Band-Aids On All My Fingers From Nervously Picking Off the Cuticles While Proctoring”)
10. “Why do we have to use a #2 pencil?”
9. (Directions read by me: “You may not speak to each other while the test is being administered.” Student:) “What does ‘administered’ mean?”
8. “I don’t get how to show my work for this part.”
7. (The test directs students to continue working when they see the words GO ON at the bottom of the page and to stop working when they see the word STOP. On the ELA, students get ten minutes per passage and have to STOP before being directed to move on. On the math exam, they get 60 minutes to do all 40 questions, no STOPping. On the math exam, one student asked:) “When is it gonna say STOP?!”
6. “But none of these choices are right.”
5. “But both of these choices are right.”
4. “Can I look this word up in the dictionary?”