Building Teacher Evaluation Systems: Learning From Leading Efforts

The Aspen Institute:

Ambitious reforms across the country are reshaping teacher evaluation and performance management. Designing new systems for measuring teacher effectiveness and using that information to increase student achievement are at the heart of these efforts and at the center of important policy debates. Yet little information exists about how these systems work in practice and how to use evaluations in concert with other levers to improve teaching and learning.
As policymakers and education leaders seek to accelerate reform in this area, it is essential to learn from efforts already underway. The Education & Society Program published three new reports: profiles of the performance management work in District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) and the Achievement First (AF) charter school network; and a synthesis of issues that emerge from the two profiles. Both DCPS and AF are at the forefront of efforts to re-design teacher evaluation, performance management, and compensation policies. The commonalities, distinctions, and early lessons learned in these initiatives represent an important learning laboratory for the field.

One thought on “Building Teacher Evaluation Systems: Learning From Leading Efforts”

  1. If anyone anywhere has a teacher evaluation system including merit pay that has met its objectives for 3 years,please inform our nation because no one has been able to document success. We have had strife over this issue for many years but I know of no successful program.I appeal to Superintendents of schools,State superintendents of education,the U.S.Secretary of education,consultants installing such programs-anyone,please let us know because thousands of school districts and the U.S. Public need to know. Thank You

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