Teachers protest IB program

Mark McDermott:

Fifty teachers from Redondo Union High School stormed the Board of Education Tuesday night to protest the implementation of the International Baccalaureate program.
The group included a majority of the school’s department heads and some of the longest-tenured and most respected teachers at RUHS. Their concerns ranged from the cost of the program to what they argued was a lack of teacher input and a greater need to address the needs of less high-achieving students.
Linda Dillard, the chair of the school’s science department, told the school board that teachers have not been allowed to engage in a “data-driven, fact-finding process” to help determine if the program is a good fit for RUHS.

2 thoughts on “Teachers protest IB program”

  1. Sorry Linda, you’ve had the last 20-30 years to get the job done. You blinked, and the world has passed you by.
    Oh, btw Linda. Did you demand “data driven and fact finding processes” when fuzzy headed science/math/reading constructivist folderol was proposed?

  2. I hope administration will listen to these teachers. IB was implemented at our high school for several years, made a big mess while costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, and was finally discontinued after students figured it out and only a handful would sign up for the diploma program.
    Funny, one of the so-called pre-requisites for IB to come to a school is that “the whole school” and community are to buy into it. Does not sound like the faculty have done so, but hey, in reality IB doesn’t care. They just want the money.
    Lastly, IB does not help the middle student!
    It divides the school, divides the teachers, divides the students and wastes money!

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