Saving Young Black Men

Sunny Schubert:

Kaleem Caire is tired of waiting.
He has watched in frustration as yet another generation of young black men fail to reach their potential, as the achievement gap continues to widen, as the economic disparity between blacks and whites continues to grow.
“We have failed an entire generation of young men of color. We have not provided them with an education, and that is why so many of them end up in jail. It has to stop,” he says.
And if that means taking on the educational establishment and the teachers union, Caire is ready.
“In public schools, you are so strapped by rules and regulations. If teachers work outside the rules of the union, they get slapped,” he says.
Caire believes he knows how to address the needs of minority children in school, because he himself was on the verge of failing and turned himself around to become a national leader in educational reform.

Much more on the proposed Madison Preparatory Academy, here.

One thought on “Saving Young Black Men”

  1. Whenever someone claims something is “failure-proof”, my hackles raise. Given sufficient rope and motivation, anyone can hang him or herself in any program designed to make them better people (employees, students, etc.). I am not saying that this school might serve poor black students better than the current MMSD does (could it be worse? I doubt it). But please don’t call it “failure-proof”. Ugh.

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