If it’s a pretend administrator, is it a real observation?

Ms. Cornelius

We have the most wonderfullest idea that has been created by our district administration this year, and it has had amusingly unforeseen consequences for Ms. Cornelius.
Here’s the deal: the Powers That Be have revived the farcical “Leadership Cadre.” What might this be, you ask? Well, remember that our district has an absolutely stellar record of hiring district employees for administration jobs– and by stellar I imply events so rare as to be separated by light-years.
But wait! Let’s get some teachers who have administrative certification– and frankly, no hope in hell of actually being hired– fill in when one of our peripatetic assistant principals gets to go jaunting off to a conference in Orlando or Bimini or Noo Yawk. Boom! Voila! “Leadership Cadre!” These chumps members of the Leadership Cadre will then garner administrative experience. Forget that whilst these ersatz nabobs are substitute nabobing, they will not be fulfilling the function for which they were hired and for which a school district exists: namely, teaching students. No; let the students eat substitutes!
Now, there is one particular dewy-eyed dreamer who leapt at this chance– whom I will call “Bob,” since “Sawed-Off Runt” seems far too brutal, if apropos. I can see the attraction of administration for Bob. He only puts eight grades in the gradebook per semester as it is, but if he becomes an AP he has figured out that that number will drop to zero. And that’s less, right? (Did I mention Bob teaches math?)