Madison school district to consider alternatives to traditional public schools

Gayle Worland, via a kind reader’s email:

The Madison School District will explore creating more charter schools, magnet schools, and schools-within-schools — in part to help keep middle-class families in the district.
Superintendent Dan Nerad said Tuesday he plans to appoint a committee next month to study alternatives to the traditional public school.
The group will include district staff as well as members from the community and will work on the project for about a year, Nerad said Tuesday in a meeting with the State Journal editorial board.
“I don’t know what they’ll come back with, but it’s something that I think is certainly worth investigating, and worth discussion,” School Board member Arlene Silveira said of the committee. “It’s kind of exciting — there’s so many ways to deliver education now.”


220K Draft copy of the Madison School District’s “High School Curricular Reform”.
Promising. We’ll see how it plays out.

One thought on “Madison school district to consider alternatives to traditional public schools”

  1. I am certainly pleased to observe the “possibility” of more local K-12 choices.
    However, I continue to believe that the Administration and Board (and community) need to determine priorities that can be successfully implemented.
    I’ve recently posted links to documents covering:
    Dual Language Immersion
    Various adult development initiatives
    The curricular complaint brought by parents against the District
    and now alternative models.
    Keep in mind the recent task force efforts including:
    Fine Arts
    and other initiatives requiring attention including Infinite Campus and the Reading Recovery performance report.
    Not to mention a 5 year budget plan and simply operating a large, urban school district.
    Can all of these things be done in the near future, at all, remotely, well, or?
    The only way to truly push many initiatives forward is, in my view, to support diffused governance via more charter schools. Some will fail, some will succeed, but that is how progress occurs – learning!

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