Madison School Board Wants To Challenge Gifted Kids

Channel3000, via a kind reader:

Madison Metropolitan School District’s Board of Education members are trying to fight a perception that the school district doesn’t pay enough attention to the city’s brightest students.
School Board member Marj Passman told WTDY Radio that the perception of ignoring gifted students needs, along with the changing demographics of the district, have resulted in a tripling of the number of students transferring out of the district in the past five years.
Passman said despite budget cuts, the board will still strive to launch new partnerships and initiatives this year to push students further, and retain more of them.

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A reader mentioned that the Madison School Board meets this evening, but that Talented and Gifted is not on the agenda.
Finally, two Madison School Board seats will be on the April, 2011 spring ballot. They are currently occupied by Ed Hughes and Marj Passman.

One thought on “Madison School Board Wants To Challenge Gifted Kids”

  1. What!!? This was a joke, right? There was no designated discussion about TAG at tonight’s BOE meeting! Ha ha ha. There have been no substantive discussions about TAG at any recent BOE meetings. And there don’t seem to be any BOE meetings where they plan to talk about TAG in the near future. Ha ha. Just one more example of MMSD NOT talking about TAG or taking it seriously! And it is time for them to start addressing lack of TAG programming because, did you know, there are actually laws that MMSD is supposed to follow to provide for TAG identification and programming? No seriously – I am not kidding! This is not a joke, although apparently MMSD thinks it is. ROFL – a pre-Halloween prank on the parents of advanced learners, in case not providing their kids with something to learn wasn’t big enough hijinks!
    The BOE seems to have a short memory: not long ago they did a survey to see why people were leaving the district. Remember? The results showed lack of TAG education (along with safety issues) to be top reasons. Why did they bother with that survey? Were they hoping it would show that all is well so that they can continue to say we just have a perceptual problem?!?!

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