An educational odyssey across three generations

Hector Tobar:

Striving to be a dad, I read “The Odyssey” this summer.
You probably know the story. Odysseus is trying to make his way back home from the battlefield at Troy. He’s been away at war for two decades.
But the gods punish him again and again on the sea journey home. With each new disaster that befalls him, Odysseus longs more for his wife and son. Finally he reaches the soil of his beloved Ithaca and speaks this line lamenting all he had lost by seeking glory in battle:
…I had no love for working the land, the chores of household either, the labor that raises crops of shining children.
That line caught my attention because I was reading “The Odyssey” precisely to help raise my family “crop.” My 14-year-old son enters high school in a few weeks and “The Odyssey” was his assigned summer reading.