Madison Public High School students well above state and national ACT averages

The Madison School District, PDF:

Madison Metropolitan School District students received an average composite score on the ACT of 24.2, up slightly from the previous year’s composite of 24.0. The scores were in line with a 16-year history of the district where results have ranged from 23.5 to 24.6 and average 24.2 in that period (see Table 1 below).
As in previous years, MMSD students outperformed their peers in the state and the nation on the 2010 ACT. District students outscored their state peers by 2.1 points and their national peers by 3.2 points, scoring 10% higher and 15% higher respectively. The average ACT score for Wisconsin and the nation were 22.1, and 21.0, respectively.

Madison Edgewood High Schools’ Composite ACT score was 25.4 (100% of Edgewood seniors took the ACT).