New Jersey Charter School Faces Hurdle


The September opening of New Jersey’s first Hebrew-language charter school is being challenged over claims it hasn’t met enrollment requirements.
The East Brunswick school board this week asked an appeals court to temporarily block Hatikvah International Academy Charter School’s final charter, saying the school’s enrollment doesn’t meet charter-school regulations and that Hatikvah’s failure to provide enrollment information makes it difficult for the district to plan for the school year. The motion follows an earlier complaint by the school board to the state’s education commissioner, Bret Schundler.
State officials declined to comment on the pending case. “The charter school met requirements when its application was approved,” said a Department of Education spokesman, Alan Guenther. Hatikvah received its final charter from the education commissioner on July 6. New Jersey code requires charter schools to verify 90% of enrollment by June 30; in the case of Hatikvah, that would have been 97 of its 108-student capacity.